Nov 6, 2016

Work in the future - Work life balance?

Work life balance is buzzword and myth.

Well, right, I can't believe I really write this, but my life is evidence, and Work life balance may be history in the meaning, that we understand it today.

I work in multinational corporation, which is technologically 2-3 years ahead of Mainstream companies on the market in Europe and US.

This company, gives me freedom and trust.

I can work from anywhere and anytime I like.

I couldn't believe it before I really tried it.

Life became much more flexible, I can go anywhere I like. Once you experience the feeling that you just cant stand to be at work - you don't have to be there. You just stand up, and leave. Yes, its that easy, and after 15 minutes, you realize you are on the way somewhere else. Anytime I do this, different place gives me new ideas, new feelings and boost my creativity to do even more.

All of this, helps me to be creative, more productive and helps me to stay flexible at all times. If you have children to pick up from school? Well then go and pick them up, finish your work after. If you have meetings to do - do it before or after during the evening.

All of this world change, that helps companies and employees to be even more connected to each other extremely increases productivity of people. But what else?

No one actually told It also brings much bigger responsibility, stress and need for accountability. Once company gives you freedom, it needs something back. And you will realize it, or you will have to leave.

Unfortunately, everything changed since I joined my first work, with fixed time at work, desk phone and own desk with computer. Today, I don't have place at work, we have shared desks. I have powerful notebook and cell phone. And that's it. No one cares, where you work, but everyone cares, how you do.

This change of mindset, work life balance and attitude, changes paradigm of work.

Work is not place where you go. Work is not noun anymore. It will be verb, and it doesn't matter where you work - it matters how you do.

The reason why work life balance doesn't exist, is that you will have to reachable anywhere and anytime. But, if you stand back for a while. Is it really more freedom for people that companies give us? Or is this just way, how to get more from employees? Of course, both are right - but for me - personally - there is no personal and work life anymore. Its life where I work and live.

In the future, where you work, and how you Love what you do, will matter most.

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