Apr 15, 2016

Passion, Skill or Talent. And Why I choose always Passion

In my life I was facing loads of challenges where - I couldn't do much without passion.

I was challenged by many skilled people to face specific questions and discussed topics to give objections to my customers, or partners and give them convincing evidence of the specific thing.
I work in technology (ICT) field so people usually think that you have to have technological background if you work in technology field.

I was challenged to drive mentality change of people at my work. I am working on business transformation projects and building channel of sales stream for my company. I deal with people who don't trust me, don't believe in new technology and don't want to change.

I have experienced many bad days, and lots of good days. I meet many positive and also negative people that really wanted to break me. It really makes you think about what you do and gives you hard time. By the way, people don't like to change. They want to stay where they are unless they don't have proper motivation. I had to create this motivation and I also have to be motivated. This cost great amount of energy.

During challenging days and seasons at my work, I easily get frustrated and stressed. But in general, I stay calm. No matter how hard is the wind blowing, or how hard are people testing me. With small fire in my heart called Passion, they can go again and again. I will fail and I will come back. I get challenged by skilled people, that need some specific skill, or talent set in my and they challenge me again. Is it hard? No. I say to myself all the time: bullshit - You have to have Passion to do well.

My friend gave me opportunity to speak at conference recently.

I said: " Sorry bro but I am not an expert in this field so I couldn't give value to those people.."
and he was really convinced that I am just too humble and pushed me to speak. So I did..
And it was the best conference I ever had. I didn't know nothing about the topic I had to speak about. So with Passion I have for technology, I started to prepare. I spend many hours learning and connecting my world, with the "world of people at the conference". Looking for something to tell them. I found many great examples I wanted to share with people - so I decided to give presentation about "success stories and examples of our proud customers" which also included some technological background - which I earned.

To sum it all up, why I believe that Passion is more important than Skill or Talent?
Passion is driving you and your life forward. It gives you energy and power to do things.
Its the heart beat that drives you. Its the tears in your eyes when you want to do well, and when you do well and you are happy. I consider passion as one of the most values I had to build for the field I work at. And it doesn't matter if you do well, or not. with passion, you can overcome skill and talent.

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