Mar 7, 2016

Did you Lost Motivation At Work ? - Here are 3 Steps to Help You Today

Lately - every morning was disaster. That moment when you know its time to Wake up and go to work, became agony for me. Lately I felt I was going a bit away of my personal improvement path I have taken. It felt like hamster in the wheel. Every day was same. I felt in to routine - and routine together with stereotype is very dangerous. It was immediate motivation killer. And what I've done to recover? I had bottle of red wine every night, and started to waste my personal time in front of TV. Just like everyone does. Right? I felt so tired that even going for my favorite run was just too big goal. I blamed winter and cold weather. It was already too long too cold. No sunshine and I started to blame circumstances for how I felt.

Recently, I had 3 days I was alone. My wife went for the company team building and I got chance to think all my life over. I felt miserable from every wasted minute. Life is just too precious to waste it in front of TV or movies. Just lying on couch for 50 more years was just insane.

I spend those few free days only with my dog and thinking over all my priorities and values. I realized I love my life. I realized I forgot to do some basics, that happy life just requires to do. Being happy or Motivated is not matter of fact. It is achieved from some basic steps, you have to do every day. Here are 5 things I have started to do again and I feel released after few days of repeating.

Learn to Have Attitude of Gratitude.

Very basic mindset for every happy person. When you go to India, Vietnam or Africa - most places, people don't have such an easy life that we do in Europe, US or advanced Asia. I have rad an article, showing that around 1 billion of people live at the edge of poverty. Just realizing this fact and telling myself how grateful I am for the life I have, helped me a lot.

See The World from Bigger perspective.

Sometimes I get annoyed by small things in my life - but from bigger perspective, they are stupid or really not important. In the context of our life, there is some decisions that are very important. But some small issues that we have to face every day, is nothing compared to our ancestors from 10th or 15th century. We live in world of prosperity. Why are we getting angry from relational issues between us and our colleagues at work? Why are you sad that your boss didn't praised you for long time? Why are you angry at your customers or directs? Because they didn't buy or deliver? Is it really worth it from big picture?

Believe in Your Skills.

I know that many of my friends who are really successful, are worried more and more. We are worried that we may loose our job from day to day. And it is true - we can. But do you know, what are your strengths? Find out and focus on developing them. Once you are aware of your strengths, and you focus on them, then realize that there will be many people out there willing to pay for your added value. You may feel that you are average lawyer, or average fitness trainer? Well there are always customers that are ready to buy your services.

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