Mar 13, 2016

Personal improvement and lifestyle - part 1

"Focus Constantly on Personal Improvement and it becomes your Lifestyle."

"Wait a minute. Lifestyle? Lifestyle is way of living. That's something different. Isn't it?" 

"Way of living with family or friends. It's about what you eat, what you do for sports, your income, image, culture, opinion.. It's all of it. And your improvement is part of if."

My burning desire to change the world was not enough. Reading books was not enough. When I was trying to be better person and work on my Personal self improvement skills, I realized how important it is to, to make it habit. Ho to make personal improvement a habit?

In first part I will describe basics of personal improvement attitude and what it takes, to be better than your competition (whatever or whoever your competition is).

Continuous Learning - how to?

On a personal level, continuous learning is about the constant expansion of skills and skill-sets through learning and increasing knowledge. As life changes the need to adapt both professionally and personally is as real as the changes themselves.
Learning sustainability is not an easy thing to do.
On an individual level, by doing some concrete steps, you will find out, you are learning by:
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help when something is not understood
  • Observe more experienced people at work, or friends.
  • Practice new learned things.
  • Find way to improve.
  • Take up training programs or online seminars out of work.

Try to be best at one skill that is paying for your bills.

I started many years ago as a sales person in one small electronics store. I consider myself as better than average salesperson, but I never stop learning, and I hope to master this skill one day. As well as I hope I will master the skill, I realize, that one day I became master, something may change. Sales person in 1975 and today, are totally different. Customer since 1975 has evolved. You cant use the same strategy. The same applies to customers since 2010 and today. Understand your business and you will incorporate personal improvement in to your work and lifestyle.

Believe it is possible.

Many Christians have traveled around the world for their belief. Thousands of Muslims travel every year to Mecca and Medina as a result of their belief. Many people survived terrible situations only thanks to their belief in some great power so they can live and survive. To Believe is strong value. If you really believe that you can be better and your believe is strong enough, nothing will stop you. If not, find out what is your belief? Why do you think you can make it.

Sleep well and rest like a champion.

Basic of every long term success lies in energy. Energy comes from sleep, food and spirituality. My basic mantra to be successful is great refreshing sleep. Its very important to sleep well before important day or important decision. When you are rested, your senses are sharp.

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