Dec 10, 2014

Motivation and exercise - Scientific proof how Excercise can make you Happy

Motivation and exercise?

Motivation and Exercise article
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Most of us need motivation like a fish needs water. It's no doubt when I do exercise regularly then I can get easily motivated repeatedly. How come? Motivation and life happiness comes from movement and nature of every human being. It's very natural for us people to move and then, feel good even if we really don't like it.

Movement and regular exercise is provider of Endorphins to our physical body. 

Have you already heard about Morphine?
Endorphin is actually endogenous Morphine (produced by central nervous system) which is produced by hypothalamus (The hypothalamus is a section of the brain responsible for hormone production) in your body during exercise, eating spicy food, while falling in love or even when orgasm occurs. 

This Endogenous morphine create feeling of well being within human body. And that's exactly why people who take regular exercise seems to be pretty well and motivated.

When you feel better, you can focus your energy in achieving your goals. 

I have stopped wasting my time reading too much motivational articles, books or newspaper.
The best what I did for my motivation was to take at least little exercise a day, run around my block, or go to gym at the midday. After all I have shower some fresh fruit or healthy lunch so the feeling of well being is almost guaranteed.

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