Oct 31, 2014

Why Life Work Balance matters - and How My life became Balanced well?

We have decided to buy a dog. From the beginning, I was really skeptical. But later on - It made my life well balanced. What happened and how it happened?

In my professional life, I mostly focus on the customers, quarterly forecast, target delivery, reporting, selling and managing the sales, deals, partners, marketing campaigns and so on..

It is the Job I actually learned to love - but sometimes really exhausting. Recently, I started to feel life stereotype from going to work, and home again and again. I know how to fight it, but it did not worked.

Additionally I felt having the same schedule - with no change over and over again. It felt O.K. I had my comfort zone, where I felt great - but I like challenge and I started to feel frustrated.

In meantime, while I felt all above - with my wife, we were both thinking to change something.

Great Idea would be children or career change, but I am not ready for non of those. Ambitions, personal improvement, networking and all this, became everyday bread, but even if you eat the top quality food every day, you get sick of it.  We were really suffering from stereotype.

How did we changed it?


One day, my wife came across with idea of really buying small dog. As I said, I was skeptical at first - but we finally did it. We have small Yorkie living with us every single day. His name is Eliot.

My life changed dramatically.

Negative change

I was used to freedom and a lot of free time for myself. Now I lost a bit of it. But I got some more positive life change in return.

Positive change

I go really surprised that my Dog had actually very positive impact on my psychology. It increased my energy level, focus and enthusiasm. I also changed my schedule, started to wake up earlier and going to sleep a bit later. My energy levels and focus raised so rapidly, that I started to feel positive change in work and personal life almost the very first day we got this dog.. More than half of my focus went to this dog. But how is possible, that I feel now well balanced?

Putting energy in to some animal - it became my hobby - made my conscious and subconscious mind focused on present, on the dog. After-work when we used to discuss work issues and problems over the glass of wine, dinner or in the cinema or theater, we were, instead focused on animal. I was very rewarding. Every piece of energy we invested in to Eliot - he gave it back in positive and happy response. Focus on happy 4 legged friend but not on work helped me to rest better.

Hope you find it inspiring.

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