Oct 26, 2014

How to write resume and how to succeed at interviews - Part 3

Recently I had some hours off work to rethink and consolidate my life a bit. I got few ideas as a result but mainly, I got (somehow) frustrated. Many of you may be happy to be home and not at work, but I realized that I love my job so much, that it became inevitable part of my life. I realized how important it is for all you, to get the job you desire - therefore I will share the key 2 ideas, what always helped me to get to the job interview and be hired for JOB I always wanted..

Henry Ford once said: "Success.. It lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as well as from your own" To my experience, about 9 of 10 people ignore it all the time! People simply think on themselves. Not others. But what does it have to do with your Job application??

It took me time to realize, that JOB APPLICATION is about the company, its goals, strategy, vision, culture and belief. They are hiring me. In return, I am offering them my service. I have realized (took me long time) that I need to look at myself with eyes of hiring manager.

1 Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae.
These are your first impression. Think what are the job requirements and write about them in cover letter. Make them your strengths - show off your character and desire.

Dear Sir/Madam

Your job offer at the iseekthejob.com page raised my interest, therefore I apply. My strong desire in micromanagement is backed up with my University degree. Few years of experience gap that I have are tremendous and positive challenge for me that - I strongly believe - can easily manage by consistency, hard work and persistence.

I believe I am appropriate person for this position and I will meet all your company needs, your personal targets and become very transparent in anything you require me to do.

If you have any questions please let me know anytime.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Wish you the best!
Kind regards,

How to make it better
Use their name - try to find out name of responsible person.
Use keywords - use words that are in job description.
Requirements - make them your strengths (be honest).
Use more You than I - talk about them.

Nobody is interested (unfortunately) in us. Everyone watch his own. Make your letter about them.

2 Find out their work number or PA number to leave message / call them.
When I was approached by Romanian HR and Recruitment agent of the IT giant hiring me, I was scared enough just to listen and follow their requirements. After all, I was able to ask few questions, after I was invited to interview, I wanted to know who is my hiring manager, how is he, what he likes / dislike.

After I had the phone number, I was more than sure to get to the interview.
I did not called I was invited - but after the 1st meeting, I was not contacted according to our agreement. I used this phone number and called my hiring manager, to say: "Hi there, its Peter from job interview, I was the one doing the approach, having the blue tie and vest.." Sure I got it to 2nd, 3rd .. all the way to 6th round.

Using phone is important. Don't be scared - because if you are, someone else is making points showing much bigger interest by reaching them out.

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