Jul 6, 2014

My Simple 4 Steps of Becoming Naturally Happy, Motivated and Positive Person.

What is the state of being happy?  Is it pleasuresatisfactiongood spirits.. is it euphoria, transports of delight, Hollywood ending? What is it really ?

I have spend some years of my life looking for what truly makes me (my friends, family and peers in work) happy ? What the heck is the holy grail of happiness ? I have rad so many books on self improvement, spiritual books, mental books, I have listened to people, I was writing notes, attending trainings and networking events, looking for the thing.. I could be able to write a book that is just summing up all knowledge I find out.. But guess what I've found about true happiness?

- Nothing! 

And I believe, there is no holy grail - and this is the reality. 

In fact, I come up to great summary. You have to make your own happiness formula!

Since I was 16 years young teenager, I started work in Sales business. 

As you may estimate, working in sales requires constant and positive mental attitude.

Finding happiness, or some formula that would make me instantly happy while selling would be naturally coming from personality I had (you may expect). 

In order to be happy, satisfied and confident while selling - I had to go through some decent transformation of my personality, which included 4 main areas. 

I have investigated everything, that may have affected my attitude in my personal transformation, that makes me so positive and happy these days. 

If you really strive for happiness coming from within, just follow these:

1. Build Attitude of gratitude.

Do you know this quote? - "I found myself crying that I can't run fast enough to win the sprint race. But when I saw a man on the wheelchair and I was happy I can run."

Positive mental attitude is big deal. It takes time to form a habit of thinking thankfully. I always try to see everything in good and positive way. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Practically - I was just pushing myself to be thankful at the every moment I did not feel well. It helped me to change the way I look at the world and increased the level of motivation and happiness. It also helped everyone I know that is practicing so called attitude of gratitude.

2. Realize, that life does not have any goals.

You may have personal goals such as making million dollars, become athlete of the year, be the best golfer, tennis player, top sales coach.. Whatever it is, Goals are great! I like them. But they make us push ourselves - especially if they are good goals - connected to emotions. I realized, that having balance between goals and personal life is very important.

Picture by Ludovic Tristan
When I was reading one particular ZEN Buddhism book, I found that life probably does not really have any goal. Life itself don't. But its only people who have set their goals, they follow them and they act towards them. Everyone is running somewhere - chasing something, fighting time - to deliver before deadline, sell the quota, hit the target... It's nonsense how funny this can be - when you realize, that life really does not have any goal, but it's just people who make their goals, or give other people goals to achieve..

3. Live well balanced life - follow the new time management - 4 Aspects of life.

I have been to one of the top trainings, called The Seven Habits of Highly effective people. This training, is intended to create within you habits, that get and successful people have. I have followed up this training for more than 7 weeks. One of the most important habits I have formed was that I need to manage my time well. What I mean by managing time, is to spend time with friends (socializing), having regular physical exercises, having time for myself in matter of mental and spiritual. Every week, spending some time in all 4 aspects of life, makes me really satisfied and happy at the end of the week.¨

4. Make other people motivated and happy - so you will be happy and motivated.

Many of my colleagues are down with their motivation quite often. We are humans, we are not hi-tech robots and we are all made same. We just simply cannot have constantly great positive attitude. I found out, that making my friends, family members of colleagues happy - makes me happy as well. After I make people happy and help them with motivation, I will become happy and motivated as well.

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