Jun 29, 2014

Selling in 21st Century - My 3 Selling Tricks on How to Sell More and Better.

I have been through many sales trainings and many sales jobs that gave me already some experience.

I worked with different kinds of people through my life. I was always curious asking How they see their sales jobs. But different people, have been giving me different answers. Someone said that selling is totally random meeting of local demand at the right time and place. Others have been telling me that you can sell anything to anybody, some also suggested that selling is just making friends, or selling is simply networking, having fun and making hell a lot of money. Selling may also be lifestyle. Did anyone told you something like this ever before?

After Years in sales, I have to admit that Selling is all above. But what is selling really like in this world? 21 century selling is totally different than selling in 19th or 20th century. You need to change. So What Is selling like in 21st century?

I will share with you following 3 ideas, that worked in selling for me, and helped me to achieve quarterly target just in 15 days recently.

Picture by Kevin Dooley

1 Selling is Long Distance Running. 

Like in all other sports, you need to be in great shape in order to finish with head held high.
This means, that You need prospecting habits - and you damn really need them. Its just like long distance run. You have to learn, how to like it - and make it continuously better and better. At first - You hate it. But you just have to do it if you are salesperson. That's what selling is about from 50%. Increase your network, nurture it, make fun with it, enjoy it and get most out of it. In my sales jobs, (following statement depends on industry) - but for me, at least 2 new prospects a day habit helped me to keep my prospects list fresh and updated - so I could close many deals later on. Avoiding sales prospecting will make you fail in long run.

2 Customers Are Educated. My customers already know more than 70percent about my Product only from Internet Before I call them. 

They already know more about it than you think. They are now educated.
Realising this fact, helped me to change from presenting sales person in to helping sales person.

You just need to help customers to choose from your portfolio (If you have one) and walk them through their buying line. (Buying line will decide when they buy) This realisation helped me, that selling (in this world) is simply helping out to buy - not persuading to buy what they don't want. If they customer has no need - I just say thank you - leave contact info and Go for the next.

3 Being Socially Connected with Prospects is getting more and more important.

This will help you to understand them better, become closer with them and understand them.

I personally use LINKEDIN every single day. It helped me recently greatly - which means, that One of my customers was able to engage with me, I was able to listen to his needs in conversations and then at the right time - propose for the call and successfully close the sale after week or two..

I Don't want to be selling Dinosaur. I just don't use only telephone. I want to be smart ;)

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