Oct 1, 2013

5 Rules to Make Your Business Plan Living Achievable Organism.

In my day to day work, I have to follow up my business plan daily.

Just few years ago, I used to be person rather not planning at all - than the person who is living by a plan.

If you feel that you are required to make a plan by yourself or by your employer, then you are the right person to continue reading.

In the following article, I am going to share with you my experience how I started creating my plans, how frustrated I was, and how I changed my planning.

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One day, when I was putting together one of my first plans ever together, I was thinking that I really want to do a lot. I want to include everything in my plan! I don't want to miss a thing. I created extremely detailed plan in excel, that I started to followup.

I work as a territory sales manager and I handle sales to customers directly or through the channel.This work includes quite a big scale of activities and channels I can communicate with customers, partners, distributors and so on. I used to work so much, that I regularly overwhelmed myself by doing too many things at once.

Recently It got even worse, I started to act when something urgent happened - I started to firefight little fires, which made me really exhausted and psychically frustrated - that I had so much work to do, than no one else in the world does! Ever felt this way?

When I was on one of the regular walks with my fiancee Jane, she shared a great business idea with me. so I started to improve my plan even more. I had feeling that It started to develop itself. I had it all written down and planned on a paper... But then It happened. Then, I stopped writing while she was talking.
I asked her to stop. I highlighted all my notes and deleted them.

- Is this really way how I want to live ? I asked her..

The reason why I believe that Business plans work, is that you know what to do. So I started over. I dont't want to get frustrated again and again.

I started all planning again by the SMART rules - which I use today.

SMART was how I did the plan.
It had to follow these 5 rules.
I wanted it to be: Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and each of the goals had Timeline.
Now I have plan that I followup every day. Its the simplest I could ever created.
Each of the goals should have measurable results, that are really achievable by me. I want to have feeling, that I really can do this. Realistic means it reflect situation, that I work in. Like market situation, team status, my peers and others working with me. Timeline, is the most important for me, to be disciplined. Each of my goals should have timeline, by When I want my goal, to be achieved.

By following all 5 rules above, I feel better and confident, that I can achieve most of my goals that I set. And I really did.

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