Mar 19, 2013

What is the Meaning of Karma? | How I live it?

Buddhist monk in India
Picture By: Edson Walker

When I was trying to search for the real meaning of Karma, and tried to find out What Is the Meaning of Karma, I realized I was just going in circles. There is no single definition. According to my little research, page explained theoretical meaning of What is the meaning of Karma.

What do you expect from Karma ?
The true meaning of Karma, comes from old language, called Sanskrt.

There are different teachings, but the one I was following is The Buddhist teaching, Karma, Theories about having more than one life, and so on. It has became uprising trend in European countries as well as in the USA recently. Are you the person catching up this trend (From Google Trends since 2004) (posted 2013)

Karma is something, that you may or may not believe. Its not a newton law, or anything, that is theoretically proven.

Karma is already great part of my life, It helps me to loose concerns, when I am getting through period of uncertainty. If you are searching and roaming the Internet for meaning of karma, then here is simple inspiration (how I understand it) that might give you a shot..

How I understand it and What is the true Meaning of Karma
The first rule is, that I don't have any rules.

I live my life in believe that everything what happens to me, has some kind of reason. I just simply call it Karma! If something bad happens to me, then it just came back to me. What I mean by "It just came back" to me? I might did something wrong one day, then karma is always around and every action attracts it. Whether it's good, or bad.

Some people tell me, this is bullshit. But others believe in something different, that may also appear like bullshit - so don't waste your time listening to others who want to tell you how to live your life.

An example of karma fighting for me
Let me tell you a little story about how I started to believe in Karma and What is it for me.

Fighting bull in the horizon
Picture By: Steve Slater

I had single accident at the main station in Bratislava (Capital of Slovakia) With Homeless guys:

In about 15 minutes I had exactly 4 homeless people coming to me, asking for some money, cigarettes, alcohol or my clothes. I was not quite sure what to do next, in fact there was so many people around and I believed, that nothing may happen to me...

Suddenly, the one homeless guy came with Vodka in his hands and asked me to drink it! - Of course I denied. He was offended, he started to be aggressive and arrogant. Other 2 joined him and I felt I am now in trouble.

Then something happened - Huge massive arm hit the homeless man, he was stopped by police officers. They were 2 Police officers protecting me and helping me to get rid of those stinky  alcoholics.

I just smiled and said : Thank you guys. 
I believe it was just coincidence that they were there at right time and place.But I also believe, that it was supposed to happen - It's just like with all other things.

Believe that what is supposed to happen, will happen. Just watch it, see it, be part of it - and don't fight it. What come around go around.

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