Mar 31, 2013

Employees vs. Entrepreneus and Self-employed | Who works More and Why?

It was Friday, 4:30 pm and my phone was ringing. An unknown number. Try to guess who was calling? Who can call at this time? Employee? No. Who is working almost nonstop and take care about their business at most? Entrepreneurs and self-employment. In this specific case it was representative of financial company with a job offer.

This started the process of thinking in my mind how hard you have to or you want to work in specific positions. My family members and also a lot of my friends are entrepreneurs or self employments. 

Photo By: DG EMPL
My friend told me at the weekend. I am so glad to be employee. I can have a rest after my work´s hours are done. That´s it. The entrepreneurs and self employment are very often at work all day long. They are working at work, at home, on holiday, while commuting to work, at the party (because of networking) etc. I don´t say that they don´t have a rest or that all entrepreneurs and self employments are workaholics. But there are a lot of reasons why they just think little bit different than employees.

They have few reasons why they think this way. 
Firstly - They have a passion for their job. Passion stands often in the beginning of their business and drives them forward. 
Secondly - Their only money stems from their performance. If they don´t earn enough, no one else will do it for them
Thirdly - Entrepreneurs have a responsibility not only for himself but also for his team, for his employees. One bad decision means no money for him PLUS no money for people who depend on him.

Friend of mine, self employment woman, told me:

"I enjoy the work. That´s why I am able to work until two in the morning."

She also added that sometimes she has too much orders that she just has to do it. And she has no one to delegate as well. 

When I was working in California last summer, I met a lot of people working from home.
Question occurred to me

"Is it good to work from home or not? Is it useful or not? "

On the one hand, you're constantly at work, even if you end up working hours and you move from the office to the other rooms, you still have a chance to be in the office in a minute again to continue working or to start something new.

On the other hand, if you think of a brilliant idea after work or you something urgent has to be solved, you can react very quickly. And you do not have to go anywhere far for lunch. In your pause you can cook yourself in your kitchen.

But another question arises: "Does home environment help procrastination?"

And second one is: "How do you relax at home after you are done with work(at home)?"

Photo By: Marc Samsom

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