Feb 15, 2013

Good healthy food to stay fit | THIS Will make your life better and help you stay fit!

Have you ever wonder why young Europeans in general look so skinny and well these days?

In this article, I'm going to show you simple way, how to loose weight just by little change in ingredients that you add in to your food every single day!

Healthy food to stay fit

Rather than looking at financial crisis side of the reason Why we look so good, look at our Healthy eating habits that we have! Good Healthy Food that we eat every day isn't any rule, but in overall it is true that we are used to eat more rationally especially in the central fast growing Europe. This is considered mostly for young Generation Y.

By rational eating I don't mean food such as Celery, Ginger, Tusk or Cabbage with Cucumbers or Carrot for Parrot. I mean food, that is well-prepared from the kitchen and from Fresh ingredients which I call: Food Made at Home!

Healthy eating habits

I was astonished when I was in USA about the whole topic of Good healthy food - of course there is a lot of people who stick to healthy eating habits - but being hard working person, living in California often means that you have very little time for cooking and making your own food at home! Just like we do in Europe.

Is this The reason why are we look so good ? Maybe not.

Healthy eating habits became for me the thing I wasn't able to focus on while working hard abroad, just like many of my friends did and many people I met. And of course, how can you do it while working hard? How can you cook 3 times a day and work 13 hours a day? It's almost impossible. But rather than trying to focus on what type of food you eat, cook or bake - take a look at this small list of ingredients to be aware of, while choosing your healthy food diet. What I always do is that I try to choose food that has very little of them.

Be aware of Eating too much of these following ingredients:
  • Sugar
  • White flour
  • Carbohydrates
  • Salt and a lot of dying fabric
  • A lot of black pepper and spice
  • Fat and fat meat

Generally in US - Comparing to Europe, Food I was exposed to and Food that I ate, had much more of these following ingredients. It contained big amount of salt and sugar! This massive amount is not good for your healthy diet and health in overall.

I was used to food that doesn't have such strong flavour that sugar and salt gives. It's tastier of course when it has them. More salt, more sugar and white flour. It's So tasty! But sadly, while some of these ingredients make food more tastier and more enjoyable - on the other hand they are killing you and making you fat much more than you think. So good healthy food should contain very little of it or at least minimum of it!

Learn more and have fun while reading this awesome book from Hairy dieters, not for skinny Minnie's but for real food lovers! You can easily buy more of them on Amazon. Have a look.

Sugar and my Health eating plan
Let's talk about this sweet ingredient called - Sugar (just like I found in this article) Sugar has many health risks. It causes many problems just like chronic diseases, hart disease, cancer or 2 types of diabetes. 

So what I simply did, is that I have tried to minimize amount of sugar I was used to eat!

Of course it is important source of energy and massive amount of energy comes from it as well. But there are also substitutes that you might not be aware of. It's called Fructose. Fructose should be part of your Health eating plan and is just great and healthy substitute of sugar!

Take a look at the picture below. 

Sweetness of sugars and sweeteners
The sugar that most of us are used to, is called glucose. The unhealthy one. But the fructose which is not as 'bad' as glucose is even sweeter! Voila. Good healthy food should contain more fructose than glucose and fructose that is in general main part of my Health eating plan. And it's simple. 
Food that contains significant amount of fructose is:
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Banana
  • Fig (but dried)
  • Grapes
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Plum
  • Pineapple
  • Carrot
  • Corn
.. Fruit as you can see! That's why it's called Fructose - The name Comes from Fruit because it's sugar that comes from fruits and vegetable as well.

But you can't always eat fruit, or artificial fructose sugar pills right?

So just try to minimize amount of sugar called glucose (the normal sugar) and you will feel better - It helps you to weight loss, healthful eating, and you will feel that you have much more healthy eating habits.  And you won't even feel better, but you will look better as well! Isn't it great?

Coffee and my Health Eating plan
Have you heard that too much coffee is unhealthy? Most of us sweet coffee too much using Vanilla Sweetener or a loads of sugar. Drinking too much sweetened coffee is unhealthy. But having 3 cups of coffee with no (or little) sugar and no milk is healthier so you can drink even more of this magical black drink that gives us energy! Even Jane got used to unsweetened and un-milked coffee and she hated it at first!

Ask her how she did it!

There is also article from Jane that she wrote about her Diet, Health Eating plan and how she did it, called: How I lost 15 pounds in two months totally for free to read! Isn't it Awesome?

How to do it and how I did it - Because it makes you fit
The way you will do this, is simple. Learn how to drink coffee without sugar. Drink tea without sugar or with at least of minimum but brown sugar! If you want to eat something sweet, eat something with fructose but not glucose. Substitute chocolate with fruit or at least have a very little of it but in the first half of a day.

Healthy food to stay fit

It also has health benefits. Do not eat a lot of syrup with pancakes, or just eat couple of them in the morning. Eat sugar mostly on breakfast, try to eat none of it in the afternoon! And in general, minimize amount of glucose and fructose as well - in the afternoon! That's because it takes a lot of time to digest and when you sleep, your body is putting it in to reserves called FAT!

Health eating habits makes you fit
This is how Fat looks like
When you do not workout or loose more energy than you get from sugar (and there is a lot of it) you will create fat! Eat it of course because your body needs it. But do not overeat yourself with pancakes, Coke, McDonald's, McFlurry or oatmeal or whatever that is sweet - especially in the evening. It is better to eat it in the morning rather than in the evening. Sometimes Good healthy food is not the most important but timing and schedule in eating is better to focus at.

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Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for advices written in this article. If you feel that you are going to change yourself then do it rationally and always take care of yourself. If you are not sure what to do, talk to your doctor or consult  your problems with food professionals.

Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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