Feb 4, 2013

How To Follow Your Passion | Because I Follow My Passion

Before reading this article, make sure you know all about my research that I made about passion in the article: How can I find my passion. After you are sure that you know what Your Passion is, then you might continue here. In this article, I expect that you already know what your passion is.

How to follow your passion

I know what my passion is. It's trading Stocks and I'm doing it every day. Day by day and step by step until I reach the level I might start my own personal account and trade sharply. But It's not easy to follow.

This is how I follow my passion
I was lucky enough that I found out what my passion is at the High school - 7 years ago. Back then - When I was Googling How to make money online, I had no idea I will Find My Passion. I found this brilliant website about Forex trading called Babypips and started to read it. It was 7 years ago. These days are gone and now I started to follow it every single day.

Everyone was telling me, that I'm lucky I know what I love - and I do it! Well, not that lucky as you might think. When you know what you love, you need to learn How To Follow Your Passion. Failure is not going to stop you because you enjoy the process. But it's hard. It was even hard to find it. 

Why and How I found My Passion
I was born in a good and wealthy family but my dad never gave me a penny! I was so desperate! I just wanted to go out with my girlfriend for an Ice Cream and I wanted to pay for it as a young gentleman. I was 15 ! No one (dad or mum) gave me a cent to do so. So I started to look for the way - to make money online - or the any other ways (such as grandma :-)). And I found it. Ended up learning about trading stocks instead going for an ice cream. There it is. My passion was born from bad situation I was not only once but my whole life.

Follow your passion whatever it is

True story about How to follow your passion.
Most of the passions are coming from people's heart. Most of the passions fall in the same basket of things that will hardly make you any money in the beginning as you can probably tell. Just like being photographer, writer, blogger, trader, journalist, painter, dancer or singer or even rapper. Whatever it is, it's hard to keep up with the world when you really need to make money to live your life as an ordinary person!

My advice is: If you are young and you might have the chance to work like freelancer or part time, do it so. And in your free time follow your passion every day. I say:

The difference between successful passion followers and those who fail is in the time they spend following it. 

You have to last longer than your competitors and ideally the whole competition. Love it, live it, breathe it and follow your passion rationally. By rationally I mean - Make money somewhere to live from, and follow your passion in your free time. It might be exhausting at first, but you have to overcome it, get out of comfort zone and work hard. I believe this is the only way that makes you stand out and make living out of your passion. 

The reason so many people fail is they will never last long enough.

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