Feb 4, 2013

How can I find my passion | Inspiration about passion

How to follow your passion

First of all, I would suggest you are young adult wondering about:  " How do I find my career " or " How can I find my passion " or at least you have been thinking of it recently. If it sounds like you, then I have some good and bad news for you.

I've been researching and thinking a lot about passion and the whole term recently just like: How can I find my passion, whatever it means. How I find my career or anything about passion - the result I came to in my research are mostly sad and outstanding.

There is only very few people out there who really Follow their passion. Why is that?

Result number one: Can I find my passion?
Well, I might say that a lot of people I knew and I know found their passion only as an coincidence, or as a result of their childhood.A lot of them had (great and nice) childhood where they didn't have the reason to look for what are they good at or what to do when they grow up or leave the college.

Well some of them were lucky and their parents gave them soccer ball when they were little or volleyball. Roger Federer found his passion in age of 8. Mostly because of his parents. Well most of 8 year old kids have no idea what might be their passion.

I would suggest you to read an article Steve Jobs and his way of "finding passion" in the article Here. So the little result is, If you still don't know what is your passion, you might find it - but You have to have reason to find it. If you feel good and comfortably in your life then you have no reason to be "blessed" with your passion. Passion is something like a gift that you have to deserve!

Result number two: Don't just follow your passion
As a result of my wide research is also this cool video that Jane sent me few days ago to look and think about. Me personally in my life look (in the eyes of others) like a person that really follow passion. That's because I really know what my passion is! This TEDx video I have been exposed to, shows the fact that blind following of our passions is not enough! This is only for those who are born after 1983 called Generation Y. Nice (but little long) talk by Eunice Hii.

If you still don't know what might be your passion, don't worry. It might sound weird but If you are really worth it - then life will show you what it is. If you deserve it.

Have you lived like Steve Jobs ? Sleeping on floors or scrounging free meals? He deserved to know his passion. Admit that you have comfortable life and you just would like to be the best. Leave your comfort zone and you might find what are you good at.

Until you deserve it you're never going find it. Successful people and people in their 30's and 40's agreed that they had to work extremely hard to find their passion. And if you are now thinking that you deserve it then it might be just false feeling. Your parents were too kind to you. You don't deserve it yet.

If you know what's your passion, and you don't need to think of " How can I find my passion " but you have difficulties to follow it. Continue reading my article about How to follow your passion

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