Dec 2, 2012

Young and rich?

Maybe you think, that for becoming very successful entrepreneur you have to be more than 30 or 40 years old. You expect that you have to have enough experiences, developed network of contacts, lobbying skills and money. If you are 20 something we have a good news for you! Now is the best time in your life to become successful entrepreneur and to build functioning enterprise.
Top 20 
If you don´t believe me check this Forbes list of the rich entrepreneurs out! How old they were when they started a business?
  1. Founders of Google:  Sergey Brin (25) & Larry Page (25)
  2. Founders of Apple:  Steve Jobs (21) & Steve Wozniak (26)
  3. Founders of Microsoft:  Bill Gates (20) & Paul Allen (22)
  4. Founder of Facebook:  Mark Zuckerberg (20)
  5. Founder of Wal-Mart:  Sam Walton (26)  
So why you shouldn´t be afraid of trying to build your career and business? Because you have tons of amazing ideas, new point of view on the matter, energy, naivete and passion. You have your vision and plan and no one and nothing can stop you. 

I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs also started in their garage at home with his business when he was in his "20 something". He had a dream and belief. He as well as you didn´t pay mortgage or car´s payments. He didn´t need luxury, delicious food, five stars accommodation etc. 

Dream become trueNowadays if you still need for your project a lot of money there are possibilities how to help you. There are some student´s support programs which can help your dream to become true.

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