Dec 14, 2012

Who prevents you to success? Begin with yourself!

A lot of people blame others for the circumstances of their own failure. Sometimes, however, failure to achieve dreams is only in themselves. If you want to really achieve something in your life and become successful, take a pen and paper and think about yourself.

Own failure
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A lot of companies wanting to find out areas they can get better at, or  find their potential for improvement and success, do so called SWOT analysis. It's the analysis used in management and business, mostly by directors or leaders to analyse their S(strengths) W(weaknesses) O(opportunities) and T(threats) in company. I love to implement this idea on personal and human level. If you think this could be beneficial to do it for you - then go for it! But for today: Try to make it simple. I mean that this task might be for someone difficult. It takes a lot of time and being totally honest with yourself. So if you are ready to find out what stands between you and achieving your dreams, then let's do it now.

And don´t forget - You do it for yourself. Don´t overestimate or underestimate it. You don´t have any reason to cheat. Nobody controls you. There is no right answer. But before giving you some points to figure out, let me tell you something: 

'Me personally - I was blaming circumstances and other people my whole life from being where I was. Unsuccessful and unsatisfied personality. I didn't even wanted to admit the fact that it might be myself who is preventing myself to succeed. Until the day I met one of my friends who inspired me to think about myself a bit more than I used to do in  my free time. There is nothing that prevents me  from being successful anymore - only myself.'
What should you do to specify barriers of your success:
1. Divide the paper into two halves, left part might be called: "the pluses" and the other side might be called nicely "the minuses".

2.Try to think about yourself and your personal qualities. Try to write as much of your positives (strengths) and negatives (weaknesses) as you can. It's called brainstorming. Don't over think, just put ideas on paper.

3. Now, take some time and concentrate on your weaknesses. It can be everything, what you consider as your weakness. Let me give you few examples: being lazy, procrastination, spending too much time on social networks, restlessness, fear, lack of confidence in yourself or in others, indecision, high ego, etc.

4. Ask your friends for their opinion. Before doing it I would recommend you to prepare for criticism. Now it might get hard, trust me. It's totally worth it! And don´t forget - Asking for feedback can be valuable item not even for you but for your friends as well.

5. Think about the way how to minimize your weaknesses that you have written down. BUT! Don´t try to do everything at once. It will not have the results that you are expecting. They key of the self-improvement is in small steps.

6. Start immediately to set your little goals. For example:

If you are up late into the night and in the morning you are not able to get up early and be productive next day, set your alarm for the time when you have to go to bed to be full of strength and energy. Leave a note for yourself: "If I want to be a successful one day, I have to start right now and go to bed." And if you really want to be successful then I don´ t have to tell you to set reminder on your phone, right? :-)

I know, it's hard to overcome yourself. But you might be your only enemy. No one else is responsible for your life and success. You really have to keep challenging yourself, if you want to achieve something big. If you need some motivation for doing a list, watch this video. It helped me a lot few times already.

Jana RylichovaJane is finishing her masters in Economics and Management - specialised in commercial communication at the university. Now contributing for Playyourday as a former saleswoman with experience in California and no.1 Top Student competitor in management and marketing contest. Her charming sense of humanity is felt all around the place.

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