Dec 25, 2012

Who decides that you are happy?

Few weeks ago, my friend told me: "Imagine, that you have your own airplane. Look at a cabin and tell me, who is a pilot of your plane? Who's the pilot of your life? Is it you, someone else or something that is steering the wheel? Who decides that you are happy?"

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I had few minutes to think about who is that pilot (think out of the box) and who (or what) prevents me to get what I want. After few minutes of thinking I unfortunately found that I am not completely the pilot I thought I was. My imagination went this way: My body is sitting in cockpit (as in the picture above) and my mind knows exactly what I want to do. However the brain sends the proper commands to the rest of the body, but my limbs don´t behave in accordance with instructions from the brain. The reason why they're not functioning well, is because of some bad qualities in me, that I am aware of and other people who don't let me to do so.

These people are demanding. And their requirements are (sometimes) in conflict with my inner happiness. So why should I listen to their opinion and let them control the direction of my life? The reason is because they are people from my inner circle that I really care for. Their happiness is my happiness. And I know that when I will fulfill their requirements, then I will make them happy. Even though my happiness is affected dramatically.

Each of us has few bad qualities. Nobody is perfect. The difference between the people is in the fact that some of us just let others to influence them at all and others do not! That day I have discovered part of myself which I was deliberately hiding away from myself for a really long time. It was one of the first steps to change something in my life (and it was to realize and describe my bad qualities that were slowing me down). The second step is to declare them war and fight until you totally beat them.

While thinking about my personal happiness I have decided to find an answer in experts well known around the world. What I did is I grabbed a book by Norman Vincent Peale from my library called The Power of Positive Thinking. The answer that I was looking for is found in the chapter: 'Who decides whether you will be happy'.

This chapter describes the story of an old man who was asked in one entertainment show, question: 'What is your receipt for happiness?' He answered cleverly..

'It is very simple. When I wake up every morning I have the choice to choose from two things. To be happy or to be unhappy. What do you think that I will choose?'

I love it. And I love the simplicity of this idea! Sometimes I let myself to wake up with bad mood. Mostly it's because I remember something bad from yesterday, or I had nightmare that night, or maybe I am aware that I have scheduled something that I really don't feel like doing that day. I can find thousands of reasons why to have bad mood as well as to find thousands reasons to have a great day! Everything is up to me. And it's so simple. If I want to be pilot of my plane and 'steer the wheel' I have to get in to control of the plane called my life.

At first, I have to reduce the influence of my negative manners, weaknesses and requirements of others on my personal life.. Secondly I should unify my actions with my demands and wishes whatever I do. And finally because they are not modest, I must start as soon as possible.
How am I going to do it? I will start slowly and then add another things to do. One by one. I want to honor the idea of ​​continuous personal improvement through more smaller steps than just huge one step. You can try it with me. I will wake up everyday starting tomorrow, and I will do it like Peale has mentioned in his book using positive affirmations every morning:

'Everything is going well. Life is nice. I choose happiness.'

 Who is going to follow me? Who is in? You are more than welcome!

Jane is finishing her masters in Economics and Management - specialised in commercial communication at the university. Now contributing for Playyourday as a former saleswoman with experience in California and no.1 Top Student competitor in management and marketing contest. Her charming sense of humanity is felt all around the place.

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