Dec 16, 2012

When to start your career?

I was just watching the photos of Maria Sharapovova on her fun page on Facebook. I said to myself: "Damn, I want the same! I want to have my own sweeties, I want to fly by helicopter I want to take a picture with Roger Federer and not just one time. To see different people in different continents, travel all around the world, I don't want to be afraid of lack of finance, and to do what I like instead what I should. It should be something that I do every day, not just once in a while." At the same time I told myself that I know that she has it because she toiled very hard every single day since she was young. She sacrificed a lot to have this reality. Difference between her and others (who just admire her or envy her), is that instead of just dreaming and saying I want the same, she actually did it. If you want to be number one in something - you have to: work harder, sacrifice more than others, you have to be focused on your goals and path which leads to it. 
More you give more you get. Or definitely earlier than others. 
College graduate
CC, Photo by ralph and jenny
This thing divide people between number one and the rest. It doesn´t matter if you want to be number one in sports, at work, at school or in whatever you want. You have to do something more than the others. 

Let me share my personal story with you. 
You all know that employers around the world require from today's graduates to have work experiences. And these graduates after leaving university dream for awesome positions with a lot of benefits and high salary. But there is not enough positions for all of them. So, who will win in in the eyes of recruiters? Graduates with the best work experience. This fact push university students to find a job during the studies and start to build their dream career before graduation. While others enjoy their free time after school, most of the top future employees go to work and work on themselves. This is the moment when you start to impress your future recruiter, this is the time when difference between you and the others is created.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have the chance to find out what you enjoy, what you would like to do, or certainly do not want to do in your life, what direction your life should take.

When I was studying at university I had few summer part time jobs, but nothing which can bring me a benefit in my future. While working I just made some money and had fun. I admired other students at university which went to work after school. This last November, which was already few years later, I admitted the brutal truth - Next year I have to find a job; I want to get a job in the field of my university specialization; There is a thousands of other students who will be competing with me; And I did nothing to increase my chances to get a well paid job;  

I have decided to make a radical step
USA FlagI had to find a way to make up for four years just during one summer. I set for myself the following requirements: I need to improve my skills in foreign language; I have to work in another country, preferably on another continent; I have to show that I am independent; This work must be unique to attract interest of recruiters.

So I had decided to become a sales woman in USA, California. I met all my requirements. It was the most difficult period of my life, but also the best one. A lot of my friends told me, that they will not be able to do it. But that is the reason I choose it. Mission Impossible? But I did it, successfully. I approached  more than 2 500 people, I learned to stand with myself all day, to have positive attitude all day long, if I sold a lot or not, I learned to smile all day long or to leave a people in good mood, I made the others people day, I have learned to be service minded, I helped a lot of people, I gained amazing experience which I hope, will help me to find a job easier than before.
It is said: Hard work always pays off. I will see and you too, because I am gonna share the results of my summer toil with you!

Jane is finishing her masters in Economics and Management - specialised in commercial communication at the university. Now contributing for Playyourday as a former saleswoman with experience in California and no.1 Top Student competitor in management and marketing contest. Her charming sense of humanity is felt all around the place.

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