Dec 16, 2012

Today world is called competition - Build your Resume

I have been recently exposed to many sources of ideas and thoughts about Resume and Curriculum Vitae regarding University Studies and Professions. This article should make it right once for all for all inquiries and misunderstandings on this looking for a job madness topic.
This world is called competition and is very strict to anyone who doesn't have any work experience. "In our company, we are receiving a lot of CV's that have one thing similar with almost every University student." - was the topic of the article I have recently rad. Well, they also complained about: "Instead of Diploma from their University 'the most interesting part' on their Resume is language skills, but even that it's really poor." Of course there is also a lot of great and really prepared students out there that have been working extremely hard while at the University, but we're talking here about majority, that is trying to be focused on their studies and not to get distracted by side jobs and side income for their beer money.

Let's take a look at some numbers first.
Are you part of majority? Still looking for opportunity to build your Resume and almost at the end of your University studies? I have really bad news for you. Until you start to do something interesting right now, then you might have really hard time to find job. Regarding to Bureau of Labor Statistics US Department of Labor, when you sum up totally of 18-25 years adults who are unemployed - your results for November 2012 will be at 46,6%. And I am talking about US where Unemployment rate is at 7,9% (December, 2012) which is way better than in most of the world (of course there are some exceptions as well). This shows the fact that most of young adults are having hard time to get job, or they're unemployed and still looking for a job.

How do you get out of this situation?
As you can see there is more than half of these young people without work (looking at 46,6%). Of course there is a lot of them working really hard from such an early age. But what if it isn't your situation? What does it meant for you? If you are in the same situation, and still not quite sure what do you want to do, then figure it out as soon as possible. No one is going to wait for you and no one is going to give you generous wages without working hard and proving that you are right person at this time. Of course your victory might be if you have passion for something and you want to build your own business. Investing or having an idea worth selling might be help full as well. But if you are not quite sure, then I might have couple of ideas for you. It's never too late for you to begin with something new. Even if you are going to graduate this semester.

Some ideas to help you get better employment after graduation.
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1. Study another foreign language as language that is really preferred by employers in your country. Foreign languages makes you really stand out. One of my really good friends, is native speaker of Czech and German language. He was brought up in family that is speaking both languages and even though he speaks extremely fluently English and also learning French. And he's not kind of geek or the Hunchback of Notre Dame sitting above the school books. He never was. Take time to study foreign language that makes you stand out!

2. Study Soft skills, and learn about human body language, NLP, Cold reading and some hard skills. Employers nowadays love to see someone who is able to handle all situations by acting like a professional. Even though, you might value this skill later in your life as you will be able to read people and yourself much better. The best way where to start with easy to read studies is Dale Carnegie and continue through Allan Pease and his (one of the best) publications to read about body language and how to read people, that you can get through Amazon book sales in your country:

Buy booksBuy books
3. Start some kind of small business, online, or with friends that doesn't require any extra investment's and is the subject of your passion.

4. If you have ideas or you think you are talented, then join talent searching groups or companies, that are looking for someone who didn't get the chance to build their Resume, but is gifted or talented.

5. Attend competition in your field of studies. If you are marketing or IT Students, then join some kind of online marketing course and competition with your website, or with your idea. If you are accountant, then make sure to take some competition as well. This might give you recognition on your Resume and helps you to stand out of thousands of same CV's

6. Take action. Now

If you are still quite not sure where to start, start with our Job Interview label at 'Tags' search page on the right of this window. There is also CV section to build your Resume.

Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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