Dec 24, 2012

The year 2012, photos to pictures, pictures to memories

This - different than normal post - is some kind of proove and evidence of our hardly gained experience and well awarded for our extremely huge effort made in the year of 2012.
The quote by Gretchen Rubin is indeed one of the best descriptions that I could find to express what is 2012 about.

"The days are long but the years are short"

Thank you all, Readers, Friends and everyone who ever rad Play Your day in the year of 2012. It was really inspiring and emotional part of my life. I've decided to make photo stream to describe, what it was all about, what did I learned and mainly, where we earned and learned all of our skills that are constantly shared through Playyourday website.

Beginning with early in 2012, It all begun in cold Prague
This part of the 2012 is called - Excitement and Passion

Prague in January

In and Out from Prague, The beginning of the year is all connected with the Love, Excitement and Passion towards life. This attitude towards life, and never ending discoveries have brought our lives with Jane together.

JaneLednice, Southern Moravia

And ended up - As Facebook states: In a Relationship with co-author, Jane. Excitement and Passion for our future life is the value that was in interest of both.
My personal Recruiting skills at the University, towards my summer 2012 plans, were rewarded with couple of exciting trips - for hard effort and dedication:

London, Trafalgar squareIn february, Really cold trip to London, before one of the hottest trips ever. The Trafalgar Square is really must see place while in London.

In recruiting, I have learned that making friends with people and constant learning is the only way that would work for me. It's really tough thing to do, but after overcoming some obstacles - you might love this job and live with it every day.

Africa Gambia, the way to SenegalAfter such a great couple of months full of travelling around Southern Moravia and London trip - I ended up in African Gambia, for the best trip ever.

Africa Gambia, On the Paradise beachThere, in Africa I have learned about many life and emotional values. One of them is being Thankful - as I have already mentioned in one of my articles about Things to be thankful for.

By the way, as you can see on the picture with bottle of Fanta:

What many people back in Europe or US are considering for normal and usual - is for native Africans in Gambia enjoyable and really rare moment to have drink as this one. 

We really have to realise that we have our lives extremely comfortable comparing to some places, or different ages (lived before).

Africa GambiaPart of the trip in African Gambia was the donation of pens, paper, and crayons at the local school. It was really great and fulfilling part of the trip. As we were parto of publishing company, we got the chance from local teachers to 'teach' for few minutes. 

Comparing to most of the kids in Europe or US, kids in Africa really value their education and their attitude towards lerning is so positive. They enjoy going to school, to get together and make some new friends. It's the place to be. It's something that adults can only dream to do again.

Cyprus lithos village
Learning about culture, and getting experience is never quite enough ad never ending learning continued through our Sales Manager's meeting in Cyprus, Lithos Village in early April.

Cyprus on the bikeMe personally, I always travel the roads less traveled. This brought me so many memories, that no one could connect with, instead of people I traveled with.

The best way to enjoy your Vacation is to rent a bike or car to travel around the Island on your own.
The road less travelledAnd then you might find this divine places than you can't find in any catalog.

Aphrodite lake, CyprusSwimming in Aphrodite little lake - in mountains of Cyprus is the great place to cool off. It's said that after swimming in this pool (for men) we are going to be fertile and have a lot of  children. I would say that's because the water was really, really cold.
Learning and long business meetings have been changed for the hardest sales job ever in my life for (already) the second time. We arrived in Nashville (USA) in the middle of July, and were 'transfered' to California. I personally worked in Temecula, Hemet and Lake Elsinore.

Nashville, Sales school

American neighbourhood, sales in the fieldOn the picture to the left - Johnny from the field. That's how does it looks like in California, while sun's shining. It's easy to maintain great positive attitude in such a beautiful country and deal with awesome people. On the other hand, behind great looking picture is hidden a lot of hard work, positive attitude, schedule, personal improvement with overcoming ourselves in the field of sales, and dealing with people.

Sunday meeting in California pool
It's important to realise that Passion and Excitement was the emotional value transferred to customers that sold most of the products and the (mostly) only way to sell successfully.

Hard work always pays off. What a lot of Americans never see, then as a reward for our hard work during the summer - we were travelling around United States (California, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Washington DC, Nevada)

West 45th st and Fifth ave, New York City

Times Square, New YorkTimes square in New York City, the year 2012. Place full of people and as Jane stated:

"Even though there is thousands of people walking around like ants, you feel like there is only you and the New York City." 

It's great place to enjoy the atmosphere.

After Hard work, and several months of overcoming ourselves and pushing our limits every single day in the field, we are now back in Europe. Full of emotions, skills and feelings ready to share with all of our friends.

Prague andel's hotel
At the on of the summer, finishing strong - and travelling around USA, we continued through Awards Banquet in Prague five stars hotel. We ended up with a lot of awards that we for our hard work and achievements during our Summer in California.

Prague andel's hotel
At the end of the year, we officially started Play Your Day and came back to Prague to work towards our life goals and multiple jobs. On the way to the top, we are here to help you and share our story.

PlayyourdayI hope that the year 2013 will be at least as good as the previous one and I hope that the year 2012 was really worth living it. We hope as well that you will stay with us and share the word of living happy successful life.

Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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