Dec 30, 2012

Motivation and goals -- Ultimate guide to get Motivated

Have you ever thought that motivation and goals might have something in common? Let's take a look at some boring definitions of goals and motivations, available on Internet today:
  • Goal is a desired result that person or organisation requires as end-point in some sort of assumed development. (Wikipedia,2012)
  • Motivation is the psychological feature, that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal. It's a goal directed action (Wikipedia,2012)
Some people think that they can't exist without each other. It's simple - goal without motivation is just a wish! In order hit your goals, you need to get  motivatedThere are single steps you need to do in order to get motivated with your goals.

Motivation and goals write them down
Have goals written down;
Have goals that are worth achieving;
Have goals that make sense to your life.
In order to have goals, you should know what is purpose in your life. After having purpose you clearly know where do you want to go. It reminds me couple of my friends that are trying to set some goals - but are having troubles in achieving them at all! Why is that? Because they don't know where do they go in their life and what do they want to do. Until you don't know what do you want, your goals are just wishes. You need a plan!

Secondly -- After you know purpose of your life.
  • Have your goals - doesn't matter how many;
  • Have long term and short term goals (it's up to you what do you consider for long/short);
  • Simplify your goals to the smallest pieces.
It actually doesn't matter how many goals you have. Me and Jane have couple long term goals that we would like to achieve and where we want to go. On the other hand, we also have common short term goals that keep us motivated on the way. We always talk about them and crystallise them in to little peaces. 

Crystallise your goals. What does it mean.
Crystallising is viewing them through your motivationThe key to get your goals work for you is called Crystallising your goals. Crystallising is dividing your goals in such a small pieces that are very easy to achieve. Every goal has own little parts that are not pre-defined! Life is not scheduled, so you can choose how to hit them. When you achieve small part of your goals, it gives you small amount of motivation energy that I call Momentum.

Motivation and goals

Let's say that you have simple goal to Write novel
  • Finishing Novel work Goal example:
    • I Write every day at least 1 single page;
    • Every page has to have unique content;
    • Every page is written while I'm having fun;
    • From 9 - 10 AM, is my first attempt -- the other is from 8 - 10 PM;
    • When attempts are unsatisfied - write anything that might help tomorrow.

How to let it work for me if I would Write novel.
To satisfy this goal, I'm having it written down in front of me - so I can see it every time I'm sitting here. 

I have it crystallised it and connected with what I want out of my life and this particular goal is worth achieving. 

Two different Time frames (9 - 10 AM and 8 - 10 PM) in achieving it - gives me opportunity to choose. 

That way I do not push myself in to something that I don't like to do. I just let myself to choose and give myself options. Little tricky here?

Do you think this could ever work for you? Or do you have any better idea how to plan and make sure to hit your goals while being motivated and having fun? Some related topics from PlayYourDay are: When dreams become reality ; How to change your life in 30 days or Does fear kill dreams

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