Dec 7, 2012

Interview Mistakes (part 2)

As I've mentioned in Interview Mistakes (part 1), young people make some mistakes during the interview and in getting a job process. In the article I´ve already mentioned mistakes like: "Wearing Inappropriate Dress" or "Questionable Social Media Content." In this article, I will share with you the last three mistakes to avoid.

Mistake no. 3: Haven´t Done Research
Interview searchIt is necessary to be well prepared for an interview at first. Going to interview without any preparation and proper research of the company or the position is like a suicide. The day before interview: check out available information about the company, about their business, how good they are etc. Try to think about yourself, how can you be beneficial to company or what type of questions may recruiter ask you. Go through all information mentioned in advertisement for the position. You can search on Internet, sites of the company, social media and find out opinions of customers. Imagine that company has certain type of problem that is trying to solve by hiring you. You, by the way - might offer your personal solution for this problem. Maybe you will be only one giving them value already at the interview. My advice is - Think ahead.

Mistake no. 4: Don´t Ask Questions
Ask questions
Important part of interview preparation is to think about the questions you're going to ask. Don´t be afraid to ask questions. It is your future, your time and very important part of life. You have to be sure, that this is exactly what you want to do. Before answering "Yes, I want to do it" - you should know all requirements - time requirements, workload, rewards, benefits and others.

Mistake no. 5: Overconfidence
The recruiters really don´t like people who are overconfident. Especially people this generation called Generation Y (born in 1981 - 2000) are more confident than people from previous generations. So, our last advice - Don´t overconfidence yourself. That doesn´t mean to be enough humble or to underestimate yourself. You should know your value! Attempt to adapt your accomplishments, skills and abilities in to your tone of voice, that company will see the value.

Jana RylichovaJane is finishing her masters in Economics and Management - specialised in commercial communication at the university. Now contributing for Playyourday as a former saleswoman with experience in California and no.1 Top Student competitor in management and marketing contest. Her charming sense of humanity is felt all around the place.

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