Dec 6, 2012

Interview Mistakes (part 1)

The August survey published in Forbes proved that people born between the years 1981 to 2000 have a huge problem during interviews. They make a lot of mistakes. Well, we have decided let you know what you should avoid!

Mistake no. 1: Wearing Inappropriate Dress 
First impression
First  forget about T-shirts and shorts. Appropriate dress is one that makes a good first impression, it will not disturb the attention of recruiters, feel comfortable and at the same time dress decently. Beware of wearing clothes as if you would go to opera or ball with flower in your pocket. Wearing dirty clothes might sound ridiculously but beware of dirty spots on your back or on legs, or shoes. Using sharp glowing jewelry and plunging necklines might be inappropriate as well. The day before interview take some time; look through your wardrobe carefully and pick something what will help you to express yourself. Don´t forget there will be more candidates for the position - it's not just you looking for the job. Wear something what will help the recruiter to remember you! I would say - Decently, but clever..

Mistake no. 2: Questionable Social Media Content  
Social mediaAt the time of social media, you should pay attention to the information you post about yourself on your social media profiles. Unless you have blocked profile for the general public, the recruiter may know more than you want just by going through your profile (on Facebook i.e.). That way he can judge you before he will have a chance to meet you. Watch out for inappropriate photos, sharing too-personal information, writing skills, grammar and spelling.

You can try to guess next three mistakes to avoid
The answer can be found in my next article.

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