Dec 22, 2012

If you want to do something, you have to master it first!

Have you ever wonder how much time are you going to spend by working? According to my recent research, average person will spend more than 80 000 hours (including university or college studies) working towards something or for someone. Here are boundary results:
  • 10 years at work equals to more than 20 000 hrs of work.
  • 20 years at work equals to more than 40 000 hrs of work.
  • 50 years at work - 80 000 hrs of work.
There is also research published in Forbes that working more than 8 hours a day, can kill you.

Cypruss, Paphos villaAccording to this and my results, I made simple statement. It's extremely necessary for you to decide what are you going to do in your life, because you're gonna spend whole a lot of time doing that thing. 

What really makes me afraid is that most of the people I have been talking to, never planned what they really want to do and where do they want to go in their life. "I have a lot of time Peter, We'll see if I would like my job... maybe next time I will be more fortunate. Or maybe in couple years, things will be different." 

Cypruss, fun busMost of the time, people laugh about planning their whole life and professional career. I found that it is mostly because they are afraid of having plans and goals and they tell me, that the life is loosing it's beauty from being random and unexpected. But how do you want to know what do you really like when you don't even know this fundamentals of being successful and live fulfilling life and have successful career?

I might have cure for you.

Cypruss meeting George's portionMy life experience from Cypress - Easter Meeting 2012. The Sales managers meeting in Paphos Village, in beautiful, relaxed and healthy enviroment - I've learned so much about life that couldn't be even told by words. There I met with my friends and had some great trips around the island. But the most impressive and most powerful experience from the whole meeting was when we were barbecuing on the reef coast.

The story is here for You, to learn something really fundamental that life prepared itself.

There was our bus driver George who just stopped his bus on the coast side and pulled out all the gadgets from the bus after stopping. Roof with shades made some kind of shelter to hide from sun, karaoke music kit with audio system, long and tall benches, that he put together really fast. In meanwhile another guy arrived in Jeep with bags full of meat and vegetables. I was watching this guys doing their job so fast and so greatly that I have never ever seen anyone to do with such an enthusiasm. I went to the beach, opened my beer and came back after few minuets of talking to my friends and he was already barbecuing this meet on the back of the bus! And yet, there was massive bowl full of Greek salad ready to eat. I came to George and watched him surprised. His fast and extremely passionate being on the beach, singing songs and dancing while making food for us was incredible. I came to him and asked him closely:

Cypruss meeting"Wow George, We just arrived and almost everything is ready?" He replied: "Well Peter, If you want to do something in your life (whatever it is) first, you have to Master it!" - But before mastering that skill, you need to know what fit's you the best! And he just loved to make people happy with his mastered chef and travelling skills. And there was one of my best meals ever, almost ready to eat on the beach. He never changed his profession and he's still hopefully doing it.

It's in fact extremely important to choose what are you going to do, because you are going to spend couple thousands of hours doing it. He seemed to be professional because he knew what he wants to do and what is he good at. And he's doing it. And he really mastered that skill.

As you might already know, to master something and become really skilled in it takes about 10 000 hours of  hard work. It's called 10 000 hours rule. Almost 5 years of work.

Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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