Dec 18, 2012

How to work 2 jobs (and stay alive)

Working more than 1 job is not an ideal situation to be at, but with careful planning and patience, you can learn not even in those jobs, but about yourself and time management more, than in any book or magazine ever written. I do really know what I am talking about.

What I do is I walk the talk. I work 2 jobs (I would say 4 of them). But of course 2 jobs in which I really get the chance to learn and earn something as well. If you are earning 12$ and 8$ an hour in your job, that might end up as a nice pile of money. In the end you might be able to start business with this pile or start your life plans moving on.

Feel like emotionally insane, or insanity is right behind the corner?

Work 2 jobs
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So you might be working 2 or more jobs, if it sound's like you, then I have some advice and story to follow in order to stay emotionally stable. 

This is of course not really easy situation to be at. I even heard about people who worked 3 or even 4! jobs at once. So don't be afraid, this is not the worst situation ever to be at. And so it is and might be hard to stay positive at all. I am going to share few personal ideas, which I think, might fit your situation the best. It's just up to you if you implement them and stay well.

You work 2 jobs that you really don't like but you don't have any options.
This situation might be hard if you are in Debt or you need to handle some kind of hard life situation that you encountered in your life. You have baby or kids that you need to care of, you have mortgage, need to buy new car, your parent's are in trouble, whatever.. In this case, make sure that working 2 jobs is the only situation that you could do. If this is your only viable option, then continue reading, otherwise, try to focus on leaving 1 job and get increase in other, or find another job that offers full time employment. It's the hardest and emotionally most stressful situation to be at, because your brain is in the family or so and your body is in the office or on the field forced to work.

Become your own professional time manager.
Time watches
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Time management is incredibly unplayable skill to know while working two or more jobs. You might have boyfriend (or girlfriend), kids and family as well to care of. Even that you might have hobbies to do or sports that you like. In this case, you need to learn about time management as much as you can. Being efficient with your time and learn how to enjoy it is the vital part of being sane while working two jobs. 

What I do, is I really try to wake up early(7:00 AM) and be as soon as possible in my first job, where I have breakfast and put every part of energy in to my work before even having cup of coffee. This might bring up your motivation to do your task faster and more efficient than doing this in reverse. Having cup of coffee and going to your office desk with slowed down relaxed walk might De-motivate you from the morning. You can't afford doing this.

Never have your morning rituals without having some work done.

My morning coffee and lunch are treat for the work I did. 

Treat yourself well, have healthy food and drink a lot of fresh water, Kill all time killers and heath troublemakers like alcohol, cigarettes or so. Instead of that, have some vitamin pills, have some juice and fresh fruit or vegetables to have energy high and positive feeling every day all day long. If you don't like eating healthy food then, at least do something good. Donate few cents to homeless man on the way to work, or buy flowers for someone you love or just some chocolate for someone great. This helps you to keep attitude really strong.

There is also a lot of sources out there that might help you out to manage time and be more efficient. Being efficient with time is actually one of the best things to maintain attitude. In my recent years, when I worked in sales I had to be on schedule. And schedule is always the main reason for positive attitude. You can learn more about it from popular time management books like: Getting things done, by David Allen; Eat that frog! by Brian Tracy; or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. If you like it then You can easily buy them in every decent bookstore, or you can get them on Amazon online through the image in this article. Otherwise there is more to read.

Time management books

Find something that you love to do with your friends (or other half).
While having break or in your free time or at the and of your both shifts, you might be looking for your next goal, that is to get really relaxed and chilled out from everything that you did that day. By this I don't mean to really relax. For me, relax is to do some sports or have walk with Jane to be at the top of my emotional motivation while working. Being upset and stressed at the end of a day might roll over in to next day.

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Have something to look forward every day. Practice. And you will really start to look forward. Never fall in to daily routine circle and do every day something differently. Even if you would have to read different newspaper every morning or some kind of little action that you can easily change.

Working two jobs or more, last advice. Short story
I have been working 2 jobs for a while now. I consider myself working more than 2 jobs anyways. I work morning shifts in Bank, have lunch break for 2 hours and then afternoon shifts in investment company. In meanwhile I am studying at one of the best University in Europe, and still have a lot of fun with Jane being her best other half she ever had :-) (Hope she's reading) And of course, writing this blog is something that I really love to do with her and something that we love to talk about together. In other words, we have something in common and something to share in our free time. My advice is, find something that you love and do it every day. This might give you energy and motivation towards finishing your tasks sooner and with higher performance and better attitude.

Thanks to this, my Emotional performance is always on top. She gives me a lot of energy. But on the other hand, there might be also a lot of friends waiting for your phone call every day if you don't have your other half. While having break, call them, praise them, or thank them for being your friends. They might feel your exhaustion over the phone. But they are your best friends and so, they would be more than happy to get relaxed with you, otherwise they are not as good as you might think.

If you feel I haven't answered all of your question, I would be more than happy to help you with planning, time management. Sharing anything that might help you emotionally to get better and start working instead of blaming others for your destiny might even help others as well.. Your life is in your hands and where are you now, is because you let it so.

Peter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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