Dec 3, 2012

How to get what you want

Sometimes we aren´t satisfied because someone didn´t do what we were expecting. But you know what? People can´t read your mind! Ask for what you want. Your life would be more like you are imaging. But if you are just thinking about it guess what? Nothing will change.

Ask for what you wantDo you want to increase your salary, to have more free time, to go swimming with your friend, to go to the theatre with your partner, do you need more communication or more space for yourself in your relationship? Ask for it. People start to think about it and things will start to change.

"Don´t be afraid to ask for what you want."

But before you ask don´t forget to think about the way of asking. Be nice, confident and polite and people will be more open to you and your requests. 
Tell us what helps you to ask others for what you want?

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