Dec 2, 2012

How to be positive

Everyone wants to be happy and have a good mood all day long. But it is not always easy to stay positive. Stress, rude people, sad moments or just bad weather try to change our mood. There is a tons of tips how to stay positive like positive affirmation, positive thinking, etc. But sometimes it is for us very hard to start using these things because we don´t understand these specific ways of thinking. 

The thought behind this article is to give you three simply tips what to do if something or somebody wants to destroy your good mood. These rules are very simply. You know them all. I just want to encourage you to push yourself to use them more often. Believe me, I´ve tried it. It worked for me.

 "3S" rules for having a positive attitude and good mood:
1. Surround yourself with positive people
Positive people
 Your mood can be very easily influenced by people you are with. If you feel that the person you are talking to is negative or constantly complaining - Get out from there. Try to spend your time with positive, smiling, optimistic people. I know that you can´t change the whole team at work, at sport or your classmates. But try to find at least one person, who makes you smiling and gives you energy. Don´t spend the time with negative people who take your energy. Surround yourself with people who will force you to think positively, to laugh and enjoy life.

2. Smile

Smile and laughSmile and laugh are like a chain reaction. Smile on your face will not help just you, but also those around you. What do you do if someone is smiling at you? You smile at him back. What most people do when they hear or see laughing person? They start to laugh as well. People are like a mirror. So try to find your "smiling mirrors" and smile at them. Smile and laugh automatically set you, your brain and body for positive thinking. The world is not so dark anymore. In addition it is healthy. Every time you laugh, it increases the supply of oxygen in your organs, speeds up the blood flow and stress slowly disappear. It is pretty cool, isn´t it? 


3. Sing 
Singing coupleDo you have your favorite song which immediately pump you up, make you stronger or more confident? When you feel weak or need a support, but there is no one else to do it instead of you, sing. Yes, I am serious. Singing is healthy as well. You are your own doctor. You choose the right medicine - the song. This song will help you a lot. Not just because of good memories connected with the song. It is proved that singing helps to improve mood, reduce stress, support the immune system, improve posture, enhance concentration and memory but also to increase the confidence. I don´t know if it is also your case, but when I sing my favorite song, I smile at the same time. Perfect combination.

So try to find today at least one positive person, spend some time with him or her, laugh together and  sing together or alone :)

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