Dec 7, 2012

a Cover letter, key to success to get the job

Let me share one story on: "How I got 4/5 job invitations" in just couple days, with just one simple cover letter and few steps to follow.

cover letter
Be like a bull while asking for a job. Confident and strong
First of all, I would like to say thanks to Jane, my sweetheart, she's the one who helped me the most to stay motivated. You should get one like her as well (if you're men)! She's been the one who told me: "You're able to get anywhere you want to, just wait for the right moment and be patient." - So first advice while looking for a job is to be Patient. Don't freak out after couple days of graveyard silence.

The most important thing that helps you to get the job is to write extremely powerful cover letter, where HR's feel how much you to want to get this job. Treat every opportunity individually and try to feel (emotionally) what you want while writing letter. I have one of the copies that I've sent to 5 companies and 4 of them replied within 2 weeks with job invitation for an interview. Especially at this example, Watch out for the subject and the "tone" that is used to write this letter, instead of words:

Subject: "Name of the company" - Special interest
Dear Mr/Mrs,
It's Beautiful day,

I am writing in order to reply to Your Offer on the page "", for position of Bank Analyst trainee! I've attached my Actual picture from Wall Street, CV and older proof of my analyst skills from recent market situation.

I think that proof of my motivation is the picture from Wall Street and my personal hobbies and interests in the CV enclosed.

Bank analysis and statistical analysis are in my interest for last 4 years and It's the only way which I will go in my life. So that way I am more than sure that I will help you to meet your goals and help you in the team.

I'm looking forward to seeing you personally,

Mr. Jones

After reading this section, you might feel that I really want to do what I'm looking for. So make sure to remember that you should do only what you really like to do. If there is nothing that you know that you want to do in your life - try to - at least find something that you like about the position you're asking for and evaluate it to find something you might love about it. Another know-how is that I've made extra effort to get this position before I didn't even know if this company has their positions still opened. Make some extra effort connected to the business that you're trying to work at. Whether it is research, or picture, or some kind of report. And remember: Make it short, be confident and stay patient

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