Nov 10, 2012

When the dreams become reality

To imagine that dreams become reality is the same like having a good attitude, selftalk or positive thinking. It is a game. It needs patience, believe and persistance

New York city brooklin bridgeI always wanted to see the New York City, Los Angeles, Golden Bridge and streets of San Francsico, sunset over the Pacific. All of these places I´ve known only from movies. Everytime I saw them I wanted to see it for real. My mum was always telling me that there is no reason I couldn't see it. And she was right. I've already seen all of them. After few relationships I had an exact idea about my future life partner. I also wanted to live in Prague. And guess what?  I recently moved to Prague and I live with my dream boyfriend.

Being saleswoman brings me a lot of memories, one of them is finding out about myself.

Los AngelesWhen I was working this summer in Sacramento, California I met an amazing elderly couple. They invited me to their house and I saw something what gave me another life impulse and lection at the same time. They had huge map of the world on their wall. There were tons of blue points, which show where they have already been. Plus a lot of red ones. This couple was around 70 years old. Nevertheless they were sure for one hundred percent that they will see all of the places marked with red points. They were amazing. Full of energy and enthusiam. I really admire them.

They taught me so much in these few minutes. You have to dream every single day. And even if you have already reached your goals - set up a new one!

I still have a lot of goals I want to realize one day. I keep them in my mind, I visualize them, I speak about them just like I've already had them.

Dont´t be afraid ... GO FOR IT ... Success you deserve

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Jana RylichovaJane is finishing her masters in Economics and Management - specialised in commercial communication at the university. Now contributing for Playyourday as a former saleswoman with experience in California and no.1 Top Student competitor in management and marketing contest. Her charming sense of humanity is felt all around the place.

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