Nov 29, 2012

Keep challenging yourself

Everyone has certainly experienced moment in his life called Challenge. Challenges are everywhere.
Someone hates them and someone is looking for them and searching for them.  

Challenge yourself

"Life´s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they´re supposed to help you discover who you are."  
Bernice Johnson Reagon

When I was working this summer in Sacramento, California I´ve met amazing man who was also a writer. Mr. Damon J Smith gave me his book called Don´t Stop the Swagger. One of the chapters inspired me to write this article. Damon J Smith says that we need challenges to bring out our best.

Sportsmen are perfect example of how to motivate and keep challenging yourself. They are on their peak in their carrier and then the injury ruins their dreams and plans. In 1986 Michael Jordan had injury and had a 64 game layoff. Michael knew that there is no force that would stand in to achieving his life dream. He knew that he has to do his best for himself and his team. His team The Bulls was devasted until Michael couldn´t stand it anymore. How is it possible, that Michael was so sure, that this is not the end of his career?

I think that the answer has Damon J Smith in his book: 
Challenge yourself
"Peak Performers use the words of every expert critic to reach excellence on a consistent basis. Do they need this criticism? No. The criticism simply fuels the fire burning inside of each individual. They have passion for what they do that motivates, energizes and ignites their pursuit for excellence."

Sometimes it is the situation that is challenging you, sometimes it is your good friend, sometimes your enemy is challenging you. Sometimes it is you! You want to gain more from you.

For someone is the best performance injected under the pressure. 
Maybe you are right now under the time pressure and something should be done today, but it isn´t. Or maybe you have to do something what you hate to do. Or you just have to do something you know nothing about. Or maybe, you're just making excuses. These situations are the rare moments when your body, brain and soul work together with one hundred percent concetration. Every cell in your body at the same time does everything what is possible to achieve success.

If you want to do next huge step in your life, I have an awesome quote from Robin Sharma for you:

Keep challenging yourself to think better, do better and be better.

This article is dedicated to Mr. Damon J Smith. 

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