Nov 9, 2012

Do you really look like person you want to become?

Recently I've been to some meetings, where I've got the chance, indeed to think about some ideas that might affect your outfit, which makes you who you are and helps you to be more successful in any department you represent. Get ready some coffe or tea, you're gonna learn something!

Did you ever thought about how you really look like and what do you actually represent?

There is few evidences among the internet, that shows the fact that clothing really matters. You can find a lot of cool articles about this topic but one of them is really interesting from -which published article about: "The Evolution of Steve Jobs clothing" since 1998! What an idea! you might wanna take a look at the picture of Steve Jobs from their web. Not only Steve, but Bill Gates and some other successful people really did some clothing research as well! you might find article about Bill Gates at But why is this topic so interesting that so many people actually copy these people and try to dress like they do?


Successful people
Think about it twice. Does it really matters? Think of late 1950's when women started to wear suit-type clothes and purses arround their shoulders, and all the other old-style fashion women with really long style clothes. Long cigarettes and men in black and white suits with hats arround them - representing mafia or successful people. Hah! But it really matters! Or was it just some kind of TV fashion selling style? Well on the other hand, that was the way used to sell!

Your outfit matters! Think again. When you're wearing something that represents your niche in the business, or wherever are you tring to be, you are actually selling yourself! Yes, you sell yourself everywhere you go, even if you're wearing big black glasses and scarf arround the whole face, you're selling yourself as a Fantomas. Whatewer! IT salespeople, professional chefs, or police officers, all of them wear "kind-of suit" that represents their "department". Does it really matters? Yes it does and it helps you to get where you want to go. Take a look at the movie called "Thank you for smoking" it tells you how fashionate smoking was and so many actors were forced to smoke a cigarette in action. Imagine your idol Johny Depp smoking a cigarette on TV. You might tell yourself. "Well he's smoking, so I can smoke one as well, he's my rolemodel anyways" Dumb - but true.

Take a minute - and think..

Successful woman

At first, you need to dress properly at any occasion you're going to attend. What do I mean by properly? Properly doesn't necessarily means that you're wearing suit at business meeting or while at opera. You should actually wear something that represent's you! For example. If you're trying to success in recruiting for globally not well unknown company, or for your own "self - established firm" (Which is not well known) then you might dress something that says: "Warning, it's me! I am the man with Ice cream! I sell the best Smurf's ice cream on the world, that's why I dress blue suit" - Well this might actually sound like a stupid idea, but think about it again. Have something that represent's you. Even if you would have to have tatoo! Today I've met lady selling chocolatte and she looked like Amelie from montmartre! Guess what. She was really successful. People were comming to here asking, madamm you look like one lady from TV and I can't think of which one. She replied "Amelie from Montmartre" Yes! I Love that movie! Sold. You ended up buying chocolatte.

Can you think of anyone that was representing his or hers (or their) company and was wearing some kind of Out-standing type of clothes or something that made him or her stand out of the crowd?

Successful woman clothing
I have one friend of mine, she's now working in Brussels and she had pink tie on a job interview! She was accepted and she's working is there. One of my friends was wearing snowmen's tie on the IT business interview. Among 10 other people interviewed at that day, he's only one working there. My dad told me about 8 year ago at high school, that he met some kind of man at Energizer meeting in Munich and there was a man who had his hair dyed blue!! What a crazyness. But I can still remember that story and my dad would never forget his name and how he looked like. And again - from among hundreds of people.

Do you think it really matters? Do you represent your "field" by any kind of your clothes? Or do you think that clothes doesn't affect your success at all?

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Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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