Nov 12, 2012

10 Rules of great job interview

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There has been told a lot about interviews, but there is never enough. Especially these days with such a great demand for jobs - Companies select realy carefully and choose from their candidates wisely and take their time. Recruiting an employee is sometimes investment in to the future of the company. Sometimes even for your HR Manager.

This post should help you to realise some facts that might be the key on how do you get the job.

Here are 10 rules that you should always be aware of:

  1. Always ask or agree on personal interview. Professional HR manager would never decide over the phone.
  2. Remember, going through job interview well prepared = job. Be very nice, symphatic, open minded, smile a lot; never go to the interview if you're not 100% sure you want that job.
  3. Show your strengths - company is looking for problem solvers not problem makers.
  4. Listen to the person in front of you - reply to his question briefly, clearly and if possible be funny.
  5. Never lie! Look him/her directly in to their eyes, never look arround. HR Manager knows thousands of questions to know if you're hones or not. So be honest, sit upright and relaxed - body language is very important. These people are masters in reading body language.
  6. Curriculum Vitae - if you have work experience, use it as an evidence - if that's your 1st interview ever. Add an evidence of your responsibility, goal orientation, your hardest tests in school/university or sports courses. Talk about your afterschool activities.
  7. Ask questions, be alive, ask about structure of your position, goals, culture. Who's asking is learning fast, you need to build good culture from begining.
  8. Show your willingnes to learn new things - change your old methods.
  9. Be natural in your conversation, if you were on previous interviews use that skill.
  10. Try to learn as much about the company as you can. Before interview ask people who already work there or worked. Ask businesspeople who know that company, look on internet, through news or partners of the company. Research the company thoroughly. This way you're gonna be really familiar with company before interview already. This way of communication while at interview (with confidence) gives you great odds.

I wish you great start to any job that you really want. Make sure you really know where you want to work. Especially young people should try couple jobs in order to make themself sure in what they want. Unfortunately, freelancing between companies might be stressful and hard these days. On the other hand, this might be the only way to know what do you really want out of your life.  And what do you really know to do in the future. You need to try. Schools don't let you.

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Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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