Oct 23, 2012

Passion brings long term success every day

I've played squash with my girlfriend which is, absolutely easy to imagine situation - unless you loose the game! If you're the most driven personality ever as I am - the loosing game would cost you twice as much energy as normally people loose. Beginning of the day brought some experience and people I've met in situations I've been to were really worth it.

long term success
In the afternoon, after being really exhausted and physically tired from the game and mental performance I've got simple idea. Ive been trading stocks as I usually do in the afternoon and trying to set up account with couple brokers and connect these accounts with Ninja Trader - what is a platform used to analyze and trade stocks. This was really challenging and took some time to do but in meanwhile, my girlfriend was warking at his diploma work at the university - and Ive really felt her attitude and her unwillingness to do write even a word at all. I felt the same with trading. Setting up an accounts which didnt work and the connection settings and synchronising was bloody hell - BUT wanting to be successfull was the winning line. Ive told her:

At this point, I would quit if I would had to do this as work that I don't like. If this would be something I wouldn't be passioned about I would quit. That's so simple. Without passion I would leave it like that. Any many more! I would probably never get as far as I've got with trading witout passionate attitude!

It's simple. In order to do something that you are passionate about you need to overcome a lot of challenges, but the difference between you and others doing the same thing is the long term success run. Your passion gives you energy and persistance to fail again and again and again and continue even if you're dumb. Your passion is the Key!

Peter ValusPeter, finishing his bachelor's at University of economics in major statistics and informatics in Europe. He is former salesman and recruiter with experience in USA, stockbroker IT and marketing fan with keen and burning desire for stock and futures trading for whole of his life

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