Apr 10, 2016

What is Motivation and What it means for me

Always positive
Can do Attitude..

It has definitely something to do with motivation. I know only one or two people who was born like natural super motivated. But most of my friends, had to build these values.

To better build motivation, it was natural for me to understand what Motivation really is?

My simple definition of Motivation is: BEHAVIOR THAT SATISFIES YOUR NEEDS.

There are 2 initiators of your behavior: Inner and Outer initiator.
For example: Outer initiator of motivation could be person, who tells you that you are best fisherman he ever seen. He may cheer you or give you reward for your results.
Inner initiator could be your own life story. Girlfriend left you when you were young, because you were poor. And now you want to show her... (it may or it may not have logical reason).

What I find out?

After years of working with people and attending many hours of motivational trainings, watching keynote speeches, wasted days of watching motivational videos and audiobooks.. I found, they have all have, few things in common.

The most motivated people have strong inner motivation. Videos, books, trainings, give you motivation from Outside. They are not your own motivation, but they might help you realize, what is your real motivation - what is your purpose?

They use tools. Positive self talk, positive thinking,  positive mental attitude, faking enthusiasm (fake it until you make it) aggressive listening to others (forcing yourself), physical workout, healthy food and lifestyle, listening to motivational music, watching motivational video - are tools for them to stay hungry. They are here to help you going on, and create own motivational patterns.

I remember one day, my best friend Robert came to me and asked: How is it possible Peter, that you are always full of energy, positive and motivated? It also seems, that it is impossible to exhaust you. You are just fine the way you are! And I am talking about 4 years already I know you. I just don't get it.

I answered that: I am thankful.

This is fuel for my motivational engine. 

And my engine is my purpose which is:
To travel, To enjoy every day and help people do better in life.

What is yours?

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