Nov 16, 2011

Thelephone Call that Helped me Geting Invited for Job Interview

At this point of my life, I get paid by helping people.

I do it working mostly over the phone. I believe this small thing called telephone was the most revolutionary invention ever made. In this article I will tell you, how it helped me to get invited for Job Interview when everything started well, but later noone called me back.

When I started my job interview in the US Corporation (FORTUNE 100 company) I was called by HR based on my CV. For more articles about CV go here: How to Write Resume article.

Later I was called by hiring manager. During our first call, we did mandatory simulation of the real telephone call - that supposed to show my negotiations skills. At the end of the call, we agreed on the next steps that both of us will take after the call.

Few weeks later no one called me.

I did my homework but I was the only one..

I had nothing in my hands only 2 phone numbers that I had from incoming calls.

HR and Hiring manager landlines.

I called HR..

  • HR: This is Maria Johnson, X corporation How may I help you?
  • ME: Hello Maria - nice to hear you. My name is Peter and I'm just calling in order to make sure that your job offer - which we discussed recently is still opened? 
  • HR: Yes, you're right it's still opened. But you are supposed to talk to Hiring manager at this stage and he will tell you the process steps.
  • ME: Thank you. I just wanted to make sure Maria, if everything is OK - I spoke to Hiring Manager, we did simulation  - thank you for confirming that it is still opened. But after we finished simulation - What happens next?
  • HR: You are supposed to do case study and agree on the meeting - we are not involved in process anymore.
  • ME: Great, thank you. I'm sorry for taking too much for your time. Can I also ask you for one little favor?
  • HR: No problem, what is it..
  • ME: We have agreed with Hiring Manager on the next steps, could you let him know that I called and I expect his call soon?
  • HR: I can do that.
  • ME: Thank you Maria, I hope I did not take too much of your time.
  • HR: You are fine.
  • ME: Have a good day - Bye!
It may seem easy and pointless - but it will create some footage of your activity such as your desire, passion and willingness.. It also shows that you really want this position. In my case, It showed that I am not afraid to give a call and also helped me to put small reminder and 3rd party (HR) interaction in to the process..

Next day, I was called by Hiring manager and praised for the HR call - he was notified by his colleagues from abroad (HR) that Peter is waiting for his call! Imagine such a call if you are thinking who to hire? Later I had great position in the interview process - but my goal was achieved, I got invited.

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