Nov 16, 2011

Key Process Idea that made me Successful at Job Interview.

Few years ago I have attended afternoon training called Alfa which was organized by my close friend working in Finance sector and Sales Management.

He invited me over to have a look and share my experience among others - mostly university students that worked and studied part time..

Just to give you idea, this afternoon meeting was pretty much something what was done with no cost, volunteered by my friend and what supposed to help you get the job, and understand interview process through own experience.

It was mostly about role-playing. After the meeting, I was left impressed how much I have learned in 3 hours about myself and my own style, others and about hiring process.. I will share with you key process idea that helped me at the job interviews.

Role-play Job Interview

When we started role-plays we had to get in pairs and according the rules, we role-played job interview. I started as hiring manager. I only had pen and simple chart on paper that looked almost like this (see below)

Example of chart of personalists
Example of chart that some we were using during interviews
It was refreshing to be on the other side of interview process.

I could see myself from the perspective of others.

I was realizing so many things such as posture, body language, tonality and even words that people use. I also took notes when someone showed something interesting. It could be something that inspired me, made me laugh or simply I considered clever. I took notes in to the chart above.

..after the role-plays we had some drinks and gone home.

This first experience made me think more about how do we really behave at the interview.
I have interviewed 4 friends, and I was interviewed 3 times. I got a bit more confident at the interviews.

I was also hiring for the internship some years ago for the sales positions, and I have really interviewed many people. But this role-play was different..

Later on, (after 5 weeks we met again and had to evaluate each of the candidates)
I had no idea who was who and who was better. I could only see my notes at the chart. And that's the way how most of my employers worked. One of my interviews took 72 days... more than 7 weeks! my manager had the pretty much same table, and he had to interview 20 people. How could you remember everyone? My wife has great memory. She told me something very clever recently (she is hiring manager)"If you are not outstanding enough in something, if you are not making out of box responses or you either don't make impression or interesting response - you may be superman - but I would not hire you." She was hiring people recently for the partner network, so people had to be soft skilled communicators.

Key idea is to understand the selection process and make yourself out stand.. It may be your only chance. 

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