Nov 12, 2011

How to Wake up Motivated - 6 Tips to Get Motivated better.

Let's imagine that you have time machine for a second..

Imagine yourself some years ago when you were a child.

Can you see that picture?
Do you remember your room or house where you lived?
Go back to the days when you were eight or nine. How was your life
How did you feel?

Did you like to sleep in the morning?

What is really interesting about small children, is that mostly they do not like to sleep in the morning. When we get older, we want to sleep more and more.

I clearly remember that feeling of happiness to be the first who is up!

I felt like a winner, being able to do things. Running out of my bed and watch cartoons was my daily cup of milkshake! I even loved to play Age of empires, Caesar or F1 racing games. I remember waking up at 5 AM just to play!! I also enjoyed myself playing outside a lot with friends.

I did not need to sleep at all!

Now let me do some connection between what I want to tell you, and what you see above.

I was trying to find out, what made me so energetic(?) - in the mornings - when I was child?

In order to Ware up Motivated - In my research - I found following:

1. Have reason to wake up EVERY DAY. 

I have reason to wake up every single day.
I want to watch stocks, options, forex and trade them.
I want to Write my blog, read something, have a cup of my Americano
Have a tasty breakfast or simply have some exercise.
This is what should make my fulfilling day.

I think what I want to achieve the next day before I go to sleep. I simply have 1 goal before I wake up every day - Additionally - I have this goal connected to my personal values and goals in life. It has to be connected with my life vision. And I simply have great feeling when I achieve it.

2. Set EMOTIONAL goals for every day.

I do not wake up every single day to make money.
I wake up, to help people - That's my first emotional goal - that's what makes me happy.
Make it habit. Think about your emotional goal every single day - and find out how to do it better.

3. Have pictures of your DREAMS.

Every day, I come to work happy.
Behind my 2 PC screens, I have 2 pictures on the wall.
One picture is what I have been through, with my wife Jana.
And the second one is Where Do I Really dream to go. See picture below.
I really love to travel. Every single day, I come closer to achieve it.

Picture from my Office.
Source: Various pictures from

4. Excitement! Have ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE

In order to be motivated - I need to wake up excited. Every single day. I try to get excited!
I honestly do not know how to do it every day - but I simply try to celebrate every morning.
I have attitude of gratitude going in my mind over and over.

Every morning I try to say myself, that this could be my last day.
I am grateful to have another day to live.
This needs to be habit to become effective - I want to keep it until I live.
Attitude of gratitude makes me motivated every single morning.

5. Music - Music - MUSIC.

I Play music every morning.
Music is simply magic.
Sometimes, I was not able to play music out loud - so I used earphones. But music is so essential to great and powerful morning - that I cannot even Imagine morning without music today.

To sum up, by getting done these 5 steps, I was able to change my motivation. I tried to follow up these steps above in next 21 days. 21 days is time, when people usually form a habit. If I were you, I would give it a try.

Habit is the key. No habits = no results.

Success is long distance run, prepare for it and learn to wake up motivated.

And remember, that your most rewarding asset is Time

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