Nov 11, 2011

Have you lived Unhappy Childhood? Statistically - One Day - You may be Very Successful.

There is quite a few people out there in the world, who had unhappy childhood.
Remember screaming and rude parents?
Crying moms, sisters, cousins. Violence of fathers, moms or grandparents that raised you? Alcohol in your family? Or even drugs? Did you lost any of your parent? All of the above is life. This happens in real life. I was not raised in great environment, neither in the worst. But if you did so as well, then you have statistically strong foundation for being successful in your life!

Every human being living on this planet had a childhood. They have origin and has effect on their success of life failure.

It is proved by ages that your origin is the common denominator of personal success.

But why?
Why does origin matters?

The answer is, that the people have something called: Psychological resistance. Psychological resistance, or said differently: ability to control feelings, emotions, other people, things that happen to us, positive or negative thoughts, pressure, big picture and so on. People build psychological resistance along their life. If they have bad conditions to grow up, they will have stronger mentality, than people "brought up in wool". Those are usually spoiled, not used to rejection neither to rude people or bad attitude. 

I have a friend that has diabetes since he was in elementary school.
He had to take insulin injection - sometimes in front of his friends, schoolmates. 
They used to make fun of him. 
They did not liked him.
They told him that being friend with this guy - makes you always worry and not enjoy friends.
So he had hard time to sum up.

He is now the most positive person I ever known - and additionally, he is mentally tough. 

Now psychological resistance is what matters but I also call it mental toughness

Aditionaly, I want to share with you 2 stories about 2 famous men.

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) was originally Jew. But his father forced him to be baptized. Benjamin suffered from asthma for whole his life. in 1824 he invested in to Silver mining shares that actually didn't existed and some of them that existed was extracted. He was broke. For being desperate he started to write. He published more than 10 novels. In 1870 published his first bestseller - Lothair. In meantime he tried politics. 3 times failed to be elected in to the parliament. His speech used to be very long and boring. Often received whistles and negative response, laughter.. His last words at this occasion were:

"Now I'd rather sit, but the time will come. You will listen to me!"
Benjamin Disraeli then became one of 2 most important politicians of his age. I would say: Persistence

Winston Churchill. When he was only 8 years old parents sent him to the private boarding school with very tough regime. His parents? Were actually not interested in their kid. He used to write them letters. A lot of them. The didn't respond. 35 years later, he said:

"Famous man are usually product of unhappy childhood. Tough conditions, weakness, jibes, cause very strong self motivational background and skills, which are the nature of being successful." 

To sum up -  I used to feel sorry for all what happened to me when I was child, and it was some years ago. But somehow, I realized, that if I will look on my past experience like if it was learning experience, then I must say that I have learned a lot. I have created mental toughness and physical resistance, that will stay with me every day along my life.

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