Nov 9, 2011

6 Steps to get Motivation Right - Get motivated better.

Let's get honest and direct with the facts we all already know. Everyone, even the most positive human beings I ever known, suffer from lack of motivation from time to time.

Only very few people don't really need any motivation at all. I am not one of them, I like to get motivated by something extra, than just myself.

Before you go on with reading, make sure you understand where is motivation really from, and get motivation right.

Step 1

Take some time off. Stop what you normally do and start thinking.
Imagine yourself in the future.

What do you want to achieve?
Why do you want to achieve it?
Where do you want to end up in your life?
How does your ideal day looks like?
What do you want to get out of your life?

In my life and life of my friends, when it comes to motivation, this is critical.

If you really need motivation and you want to be motivated, spend some time on above. And then, come back to step 2. 

Step 2

Try to minimize amount of goals you have. Most of the books I have rad, tend to suggest you, that having at least 15-20 goals, will make you succeed with half of them, and that is success. I rather focus on 2 - 3 long term goals - 2 or 3 short term goals - so I can clearly invest my time and focus on real things. This affected my motivation so strongly, that I almost believe that I can achieve any goal, that I have.

Step 3

Have a role model. Whoever it is, just try to learn from someone. When I suffer from low motivation, I remind myself The Italian Stallion. He is a true success model, that is showing dedication, motivation and goal orientation. See The Italian Stallion, and 25 things that you probably didn't know.

Step 4

Let your goals go public! Share your goals to people.
When I tell my parents, wife and friends, that I will go to Mauritius for a honeymoon, I will focus all I can, to get there, earn enough money to pay for it and additionally, have enough in savings to enjoy life after the trip. When you talk about your goals, your credibility gets in place. Now let's see if you have some friends, who say something, but they never do so? Remember? Do you want to be one of them? I set this kind of traps for myself, to be even more motivated.

Step 5

Never give up on your goal.
Michael Jordan was kicked out of his basketball team.
He came home and started to cry..
What if he would give up?
He was told even that he was not fit even for TV.
Watch this if you think of giving up on your goal:

Step 6

Go out and start doing.

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