Nov 6, 2016

Work in the future - Work life balance?

Work life balance is buzzword and myth.

Well, right, I can't believe I really write this, but my life is evidence, and Work life balance may be history in the meaning, that we understand it today.

I work in multinational corporation, which is technologically 2-3 years ahead of Mainstream companies on the market in Europe and US.

This company, gives me freedom and trust.

Apr 15, 2016

Passion, Skill or Talent. And Why I choose always Passion

In my life I was facing loads of challenges where - I couldn't do much without passion.

I was challenged by many skilled people to face specific questions and discussed topics to give objections to my customers, or partners and give them convincing evidence of the specific thing.
I work in technology (ICT) field so people usually think that you have to have technological background if you work in technology field.

Apr 10, 2016

What is Motivation and What it means for me

Always positive
Can do Attitude..

It has definitely something to do with motivation. I know only one or two people who was born like natural super motivated. But most of my friends, had to build these values.

To better build motivation, it was natural for me to understand what Motivation really is?

My simple definition of Motivation is: BEHAVIOR THAT SATISFIES YOUR NEEDS.

There are 2 initiators of your behavior: Inner and Outer initiator.
For example: Outer initiator of motivation could be person, who tells you that you are best fisherman he ever seen. He may cheer you or give you reward for your results.
Inner initiator could be your own life story. Girlfriend left you when you were young, because you were poor. And now you want to show her... (it may or it may not have logical reason).

Mar 13, 2016

Personal improvement and lifestyle - part 1

"Focus Constantly on Personal Improvement and it becomes your Lifestyle."

"Wait a minute. Lifestyle? Lifestyle is way of living. That's something different. Isn't it?" 

"Way of living with family or friends. It's about what you eat, what you do for sports, your income, image, culture, opinion.. It's all of it. And your improvement is part of if."

My burning desire to change the world was not enough. Reading books was not enough. When I was trying to be better person and work on my Personal self improvement skills, I realized how important it is to, to make it habit. Ho to make personal improvement a habit?

In first part I will describe basics of personal improvement attitude and what it takes, to be better than your competition (whatever or whoever your competition is).

Mar 7, 2016

Did you Lost Motivation At Work ? - Here are 3 Steps to Help You Today

Lately - every morning was disaster. That moment when you know its time to Wake up and go to work, became agony for me. Lately I felt I was going a bit away of my personal improvement path I have taken. It felt like hamster in the wheel. Every day was same. I felt in to routine - and routine together with stereotype is very dangerous. It was immediate motivation killer. And what I've done to recover? I had bottle of red wine every night, and started to waste my personal time in front of TV. Just like everyone does. Right? I felt so tired that even going for my favorite run was just too big goal. I blamed winter and cold weather. It was already too long too cold. No sunshine and I started to blame circumstances for how I felt.

Dec 31, 2014

2 Steps to Achieve True Life Happiness and Try it Yourself

Some time ago (in October 2012) I visited Prague (Europe) workshop which was called Carpe Diem.

It was social game which we played for about 3 hours in groups of 6 people.

I know presenter and organizer of this event personally. This organizer dedicated his own life to "Carpe Diem philosophy" that he introduced. I am inspired by people who live by philosophy of their own life. At the end of this workshop we had incredible results.

And what we did?